Monday, 24 September 2012

Set Theory - Task - A Visual Presentation and Recommendation

Mini Non-graded Performance Task : A Visual Presentation and Recommendation

You are the registrar of School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)
Since you have limited classrooms for classes, the school principal asked you to conduct a survey about the Applied Subjects you must offer for students.

Survey Results
After conducting a survey on 100 students, you obtained the following data: 
40 students plan to enroll in Media Studies (M)
27 students prefer Fundamental of Electronic (F), and 
23 students want to take Biotechnology (B)
Meanwhile 8 students prefer Media Studies (M) and Fundamental of Electronic (F)
10 students prefer Biotechnology (B) and Fundamental of Electronic (F), and 
6 students prefer Biotechnology (B) and Media Studies (M), respectively. 
Then you also found out that 5 students would like to enroll in all the three subjects, while 10 students prefer other subjects. 

The principal required you to make a visual presentation of the data and a recommendation about the subjects to be offered.
Your presentation will be judged by the principal and the different department heads. Thus, make sure that it is clear, organized, accurate, and complete.

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