Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mutually Exclusive

What is Mutually Exclusive?
Mutually exclusive outcomes are those that cannot happen at the same time. Which means, if A occurs, B has a zero percent chance of happening because of A happening. But this doesn't mean that another outcome such as C cannot happen.
 Example: •One who turns left has a zero percent chance of turning right at that moment in time.
                 •One who flips a coin cannot get both heads and tails at the same time and can only get either heads or tails.

Example 11:
b.P(red or green)=5/9
c.P(red green or blue)=9/9 = 1

Example 12:
a.P(4 or 5)= 1/14 + 2/7 = 5/14
b.P(4,5 or 6)=1
c. P(more than 6)= 1 - 1/14 - 2/7 - 3/7 = 3/14

Done by: Kang Xiong,Yong Jie,Bryan,Jasmine,Teri,Ada

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