Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kinematics ( Review )

1. Definition
• Speed ➙ Rapidity of movement or action. The rate at which something moves.
• Distance ➙ How far something has travelled
• Displacement ➙ Distance with direction
• Total distance travelled ➙ The total distance an object has travelled over a period of time.
• Time ➙ The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole
• Velocity ➙ The speed of something in a given direction
• Average speed ➙ The speed that is calculated from an object that travels at different speeds in different times
• Acceleration ➙ The rate at which an object increases its speed
• Deceleration ➙ The rate at which an object increases its speed
2. Formulae ( Relationship ) 
  • Speed = distance/time 
This can be rearranged to make it easier to solve it things such as
{ Distance = Speed x Time or Time = Distance / Speed }
If any one of them were to be unknown, use the known values to calculate the following. 
  • Distance - Time graph
  • Speed - Time graph

3. Key learning points from motion detector activity
• Graphs for:
• The direction of movement affects whether the graph slopes upwards or downwards ( velocity ).
• Speed ≠ Velocity, Speed is the rate at which an object moves, however velocity is the measurement of how fast an object is moving.

Done by : Teri, Jasmine, Ada, Yong Jie, Kang Xiong and Bryan

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  1. Great work - certainly a team's effort.
    Suggestion for improvement:
    Formulae to include:

    total distance travelled