Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kinematics (Review)

1. Definition - speed, distance, displacement, total distance travelled, time velocity, average speed, acceleration, deceleration

Speed is the motion of the object and how fast it moves, calculated by distance over time.
Distance - the amount of space between two points.
A displacement of an object with respect to an initial point is define as the vector distance from the initial point to the final point; how far something is from the start until where it has travelled.
Total distance traveled, the distance traveled during the journey of an object.
Time, The duration for the whole journey, how long it does.
Velocity, the acceleration of the motion of the object. Average speed, the distance traveled/ total time traveled.
Acceleration, the increase in speed over time.
Deceleration, the decrease in speed over a period of time.

2. Formulae (relationship)
speed = distance / time

 distance-time graph

speed-time graph

3. Key learning points from motion detector
I) I have learnt that the actual accuracy could not be that accurate and straight, as we have expected
II) I have learnt that velocity has something to do with motion
III) I have learnt that the velocity changes only when there is motion.

Boon Pin, Gavin, Sylvia, Yoshiki, Esther

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  1. WELL DONE ! your group is able to capture the key essence of the topics.
    Suggestion for improvement:
    Formulae to include:
    Acceleration = velocity / time
    Average speed
    total distance travelled